The Nature of a Private Session

Nature makes me feel better.  Being in nature is a way for me to find sacred stillness.  I receive immediate restoration and rejuvenation when I spend time in nature.  Nature is still yet it is constantly moving, changing, and growing.  Spending time observing its reflection of me brings me into the present moment, the only moment there is.  Nature is perfect.  Each component plays its part exactly as it should, moving with a natural flow.  As we gain greater awareness of this flow, we learn to move with it and to align with it, and we experience more relaxation, peace, and ease in our lives.  I teach people how to embrace their nature.


In my view the first step in understanding and appreciating something is to become more aware of it.  By increasing our awareness of our thoughts, our intentions, and our motivations, we can begin to bring about significant and lasting transformation in our lives.  I like to create sacred spaces in which people can receive the truth of their experience; spaces where people feel safe to express the truth and beauty of what lies inside.  I like to help people create a space to receive and become aware of their inner guidance.  The sacred space allows them to more easily align with and connect to the deepest, truest part of their essence and bring it forward to unfold their ideal life.  I know we can all live in the beauty, happiness, and love of the present moment.

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Available for private sessions using yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy movement, and relaxation techniques.

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Andy McDonald, E-RYT