The Nature of Meditation

Meditation makes me feel better.  Even if for only a few minutes I sit in stillness, I become mentally and emotionally more centered, grounded, stable, and clear.  Practicing meditation enables me to become more aware of what I need to create in my life to be fulfilled.  I become a better listener and a better communicator.  The stillness I experience through meditating helps me see the importance in everything I do, as I feel every experience is as it should be.  I know we can all tap into this state of mind every moment of every day.

The Nature of Breathwork

Breathing makes me feel better.  A no-brainer, right! Breath gives me life.  Breath is the vehicle for drawing life force, or prana, through the various parts of my body.  Breath links my spirit, mind, and emotions with my body.  Awareness of the movement of my breath in each moment connects me to my present experience.  In this, I experience what is true for me.  I move past what I thought might be true; I move past what someone else told me was true; I move past what I expected I might experience.  I move into a space where I experience my own individual truth as it unfolds.  I become an objective observer of what I am experiencing.

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